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Half Height Gate

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Tubular Ball Standards

Handrail standards are used in all types of industry – they are ideal for platforms, stairways, landings, balconies, towers or any other hazardous location where a strong and stable barrier is required.

They are quick and convenient for site fixing and their versatility enables them to be installed into all kinds of environment, whether the finish is galvanised painted or plastic coated.

Onesite Solutions bespoke access platform and handrailing

Handrail Standards

  • Manufactured to specific requirements
  • Dimension A / B variable
  • Base fixing to suit project requirements (options below)
  • Pre-vented to allow for galvanising
  • Drilled and tapped
  • Grub screws supplied
  • Self-colour, galvanised or powder coated
  • These tables have been constructed as a guide only and assume a steel to steel fixing in each case.
  • Designers should allow for relevant bolt size, number of bolts, base plate size and handrail pitch when fixing into concrete or other low density materials.
  • A suitable size handrail should be selected to suit loading category and spacing of standards.


Onesite Solutions bespoke fabricated handrail, welded and galvanised after manufacture.

Handrail Sticks

  • Available ex-stock
  • Standard ball centres:
    Straight Standards – Dim A = 550mm
    Raking Standards – Dim A = 450/550mm
  • Datum (Dim B) is supplied overlong to allow for fabrication
    Straight Standards – 700mm
    Raking Standards – 650mm
  • Supplied self-colour
  • Pre-vented to allow for galvanising
  • Drilled and tapped