GRP Isophthalic Polyester moulded panels

Onesite now stocks GRP isophthalic polyester moulded panels. GRP grating can provide cost effective solutions when designing and manufacturing platforms, walkways, gullies and trenches; it also incorporated the following additional features:

  • Fire Retardant (Conforms to ASTM-E84 and ASTM-D635)
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Anti-slip gritted top surface (achieves BS7976 for performance in wet, oily & icy conditions!)
  • Lightweight and low maintenance
  • Allows easy cutting on site
  • Corrosion resistant
  • UV stable
  • Non-conductive (as standard – conductive panels available on request)

We are able to supply stock sized panels – or will cut panels to whatever size or shape you require and specify. Other panel sizes are available subject to an extended delivery period and possible cost increases – of course depending on quantity ordered.

GRP Anti-slip plate

The DDA compliant range of anti-slip safety flooring includes a range of flat plate solutions. All manufactured from corrosion resistant Glass Reinforced Plastic (fibreglass) and designed for ease of installation onto existing concrete, steel or timber surfaces. A hard working silicon carbide grit is applied to the top surface to provide a finish that outperforms conventional aluminium or rubber in terms of slip resistance.

Supporting Rods/Crossbars

Moulded GRP gratings are constructed with supporting rods and crossbars of the same height. Only micro mesh GRP gratings have a different top mesh structure to the basic mesh structure.

Open Edges

GRP gratings whose external dimensions deviate from production dimensions might not have closed edges. Open edges are not included. The cut edges should be permanently sealed.

Open Edges

The clearance between supporting rods/crossbars.


The distance from one axis to the other axis of supporting rods/crossbars.

Recess Areas

Recess areas are necessary in the contact area if it is necessary to be the same level as the neighbouring floor covering. Individual structural analyses should be carried out.


Cut-outs are straight, diagonal and round cuts which deviate from the smallest possible surrounding rectangle or square. In contrast to steel gratings, these are not re-incorporated in accordance with DIN 24537-3.

Small Cuts

Small cuts are straight diagonal and round cuts which are smaller than 0.5 running meters. These are calculated allowances.

Kick Plate

Flat material screwed onto the grating after construction which protrudes from the grating edge. it must be at least 100mm higher than the grating surface.

Fitting GRP flooring couldn’t be easier; if a cut out is required a jigsaw with composite blade will cut through the GRP without any hot work required – easily customised on site.

With a wide range of Stainless Fittings available to suit your needs we can supply the entire job from start to finish. Also available is a fittings range that allows you to raise the panels from the ground and give room for drainage of oils and water from the work surface.

Stair Tread Covers

Notoriously dangerous when wet or worn if your stairs are currently non-conforming for visibility or anti-slip our GRP stair tread covers are an option. Strong, easy to fit and British Standard approved anti-slip means they give excellent grip in any surface. Cut to size by Onesite they can be delivered to you ready to fit with minimal effort.

If you don’t need a whole tread GRP Stair Nosing may be all you need – fitted to the nose of a stair tread they ensure high visibility and provide an anti-slip surface on the most treacherous part of any step.

Fabricated GRP Platforms and Ladders

Wherever your drawing calls for GRP we can offer the full scope of supply, from ladders and small platforms to major walkways we can make almost anything. We can take the drawings supplied by your designer or we can design in house to your measurements and specification. We can create CAD drawings for you to approve prior to production.


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Industrial GRP Grating

Fibreglass grating has an excellent strength to weight ratio – and can replace traditional materials such as aluminium and galvanised steel. Where specified at the design stage industrial GRP grating can be installed in applications such as flooring, walkways, platforms, ramps and used as covers.

We stock a range of panels from 25 to 50mm thick.

Both standard 25 and 38mm mesh thickness has a hole size of 32mm. If you need a smaller mesh size we do have available mini-mesh panels.
Our handrail and walkway systems have been tested and approved to BS 7818.